Review: Lancôme Visionnaire Crescendo

After 28 days of testing out the Lancome Visionnaire Crescendo Progressive Night Peel I am ready to report back to you all with my thoughts!! This is a nighttime face peel that has 2 Phases. Each Phase lasts for 14 days and while you use it make sure to keep some good sunscreen on hand and try to avoid any other exfoliants or masks in your routine.


This bottle retails for $75 however I was lucky enough to receive this complimentary from Influenster to test out.

The box I received came with the Visionnaire Peel, Bienfait UV SPF 50+ and a Matte Shaker Lipstick.


Ok now where was I? Oh yes the Peel!

So the summary of this peel is in the first 14 nights of using Phase 1 you will notice the following: Reduction in Pore Appearance, Radiance and improvement in skin texture. They recommend you do not use any other masks or skin treatments as I stated earlier and if you have sensitive skin it might be something to step into with caution. It’s also recommended to wear a high SPF sunscreen daily while using this because skin is sensitive and will burn easy.

This does have a slight perfume like fragrance to it and it’s a very thin consistency. I find it left my skin feeling a bit greasy yet dry with Phase 1 so I did continue to use my night time moisturizer.

After the first few nights I immediately noticed a difference in my overall skin tone. It looks much more even and I wouldn’t say I have zero visibility with my pores however I have noticed a difference in the size and how noticeable they are. I would say by Day 10 it became the most noticeable with the clearer looking skin tone and plumper looking skin.

Now Phase 2.

So this Phase is supposed to work on wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines. You know the aging stuff we strive to kick in the butt. Be warned this one burns. Not just little tingles but legit feels like a dragon is breathing on your face. I have somewhat Sensitive Skin and had no issues with the first Phase but this one was painful. Once it absorbed in my skin I put moisturizer immediately to tame my skin.

So does the pain pay off you ask? Unfortunately I did not notice a huge difference in my forehead wrinkles. My fine lines are less noticeable which is fabulous but the bigger thicker damn I’m getting old wrinkles are still alive and kicking. I did also notice I seemed to break out a bit on this Phase. Some small ones here and there and one huge alien in the middle of my forehead.  On the plus side though I had this one dark spot on my cheek that is completely gone! So I’d say I’m pretty happy with that.

Would I do it again you ask? Especially with a $75 Price tag? Absolutely! I might not look like I’m flawless however the difference is very noticeable and my skin looks and feels much better!


So how about a quick review on the Matte shaker and Sunscreen?

The Matte shaker I received is the shade Pink Power. This retails for $22 and is an extremely high pigment lipstick. It might look somewhat thin on my swatch but do not be fooled! This packs a serious punch of color and stays allllllll day. In fact invest in a good lipstick remover because you will wake up the next morning with pink lips! Its absolutely perfect for long days at the beach, pool or lake and you need something that will last through the water!

Last but not least the Beinfait UV SPF 50+. This retails for $39 and is an incredible SPF to add to your daily makeup routine. It is on greasy and oil free so it leaves a nice matte surface to work with and doesn’t sweat off. It has zero scent and is very skin friendly!

Did you get this box and what are your thoughts??




Review: Michael Todd SonicBlend

I’m always looking for the next best thing to apply my foundation. I want perfect coverage and that’s that. Even once I find it I want it better! I’ve tried and discovered my favorite brushes along with which sponges I like and dislike. So what’s next to try?? How about a Sonic Makeup Brush….


I tested out the Sonic Blend by Michael Todd which is a Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush. These retail for $79 and come in a variety of colors to choose from. I’m wild so I went with Tortoise Shell.

So what is it? Well it uses Sonic Technology to apply your makeup. Still don’t know what that means? At 400 micro-movements per second it applies foundation for an airbrushed look.  All you have to do is plug it in to charge and once it’s ready you have 3 speeds to choose from. You will feel a vibration from the movement and it almost seems like it’s dancing on your face.

It’s extremely gentle and the brush head itself is incredibly soft. It’s recommended for Foundation, Blush, Contour Creams, highlight, setting powder and bronzers according to the website. So naturally I wanted to try it all.


I would have to say I personally only liked it for foundation and my contour creams.  So let’s start with that. I used NYX Total Control Drop Foundation and I tested it out with Make UP Forever Ultra HD as well. I applied the NYX foundation directly to my face and the MUF to the back of my hand. Once I started with the brush it applied the foundation very evenly and gave me such a beautiful canvas to start with.

Once I made it to my contour creams I really liked it with as well. It blended it all so evenly and made my face look very natural. I used the PUR Cameo Contour Stick and It looked like it was one with the foundation. However I didn’t like the application under my eyes. I used my beauty blender for my concealer in that area because the brush head is to big for that area and doesn’t pack it on there like my dark circles require.

Ok so now what? It says you can use it for setting powder, blush and bronzers however I see some cream in the bristles and I don’t want to mix all the shades I’m about to put all over my face. It suggests to wipe it off with a tissue but I’m not trying to have blush where my bronzer goes and bronzer mixed with my setting powder and so forth so I’ll pass.  So my guess is maybe you need a second head?


Overall I am so happy with results of my foundation from this. Throughout the day my face continued to look as good as when I first applied plus it’s very easy to clean. The head just pops off and I used baby shampoo to clean it.

If you are looking to save time and get better at applying your foundation this might be a great tool to invest in. I personally enjoy the methods I have for applying my makeup so I might not use this everyday however I am really happy I have it.

Have you tried this brush or something similar?? Let me know!!




NYX Total Control Drop Foundation -Review


If you are like myself looking for that Holy Grail concealer is a never ending mission. I’m always reading reviews, testing out samples, brushes, applicators, primers, powders and whatever else seems to come out. All so I can look like I did in my 20’s when I didn’t even wear foundation! I personally have combo skin so it’s finding that balance of controlling my oil while hydrating my dry spots.

I had such an amazing response on my Instagram page over this foundation so I went with a full review of my personal opinions of this foundation and the different methods I used to apply along with the results.

I chose the shade Natural which honestly matches my skin tone perfectly. I am right at the beginning of light-medium with both pink and yellow undertones.


On the first day I decided to use my everyday primer (Stila One Step Correct) and my current favorite Setting Spray (Gerard Cosmetics Slay all Day) since I use them with my Make Up For Ever Foundation and they all work great together. I did not purchase the brush made to go with the foundation so I went with my Morphe R6 Flat buffer brush.

Soooo first mistake is don’t drop the foundation into the brush. It’s so thin it just disappears! Rookie moves I know. I recommend just putting the drops directly on your face.


Overall I was thrilled with the results. It blends nicely and is extremely lightweight. I went with 8 drops for my entire face and didn’t feel it at all. I set it with Clare Blanc Matte Veil Mineral Setting Powder.

Mid day I had very little oil breakthrough but did notice that the very few dry spots I had the foundation had clung to. I had went to the gym, out into the desert and played outside with my kiddo most of the day.

I decided to change up my routine the second day to hydrate more for those dry spots and went just a bit lighter with the drops.


New Routine here we go: I hydrated with MAC Prep +Prime then the Stila One Step Correct. I dropped 7 drops instead of 8 on to my face directly then used a Beauty Blender to blend it all in. Set with the Clare Blanc Matte Veil Setting Powder and more MAC Prep +Prime to finish the look and add a bit more hydration.


I have been wearing it to the gym and it still looks great. Barely any touch ups necessary and my oil is well under control. My dry spots are eliminated and I think I’m officially  in love.

So whats the verdict? In my personal opinion this is a must try for Oily or Combo skin. I would move forward with hydration (like what I did there?) if you have dry skin because to say this is a matte foundation is an understatement. If you do have dry skin but want to try it I would definitely do so but test out some hydrating primers and finishing sprays that work for you.

The price of this is $14 for .43 oz and it’s available wherever NYX is sold.



I finally tried Lipsense… Is it worth they hype?

Have you heard of a brand called Lipsense? Until a couple months ago I honestly hadn’t. It’s one of those brands like Avon, Younique, etc. that you buy directly from a Rep of the brand and they specialize in Lipstick.  It’s not quite a stain, not a lipstick, not a gloss. So what is it? It’s a long lasting lip color that applies similar to a liquid lipstick however it is a thin watery consistency that you build up for your desired color.

I was contacted through Instagram by the nicest brand rep, Jen Owens. She was kind enough to send me a starter kit which included the following:


Long Lasting color in the shade Caramel Latte, Moisturizing Lipgloss and Ooops! Remover. This kit retails for $55 or the individual prices are $25 for the lipstick, $20 for the gloss and $10 for the remover.

I do have to be honest the prices I felt to be on the higher side since you can buy MAC for under $20 so what were my thoughts and did I buy more?

The lipstick has to be built up so you apply the first layer, let it dry (about 3 seconds) and apply as much as desired for the intensity you prefer. I went 3 layers high.  First impression was that it tingled a lot. I had no idea that was going to happen so Spoiler Alert! Alone I felt the lipstick was uncomfortable and sticky but once I applied the lipgloss it all married itself into a beautiful lip color and comfortable formula.

I ate, drank, kissed my kid, kissed my husband, rubbed my fingers all over my mouth and this stuff did NOT budge. The color stayed true and never faded. I never had to reapply and I never had any transfer on anything. My lips were never dry and I was able to apply lip balm if my lips needed it without any color transfer.  At the end of the day I applied a small amount of the Ooops! Remover and it melted right off.

Let’s just say I was really surprised and very happy with it. I went ahead and got in touch with Jen and ordered myself another shade. This time I ordered the shade Bella. Same wonderful results.


In my personal opinion if you are looking for an everyday lipstick that can be worn anytime, anywhere this is something worth looking into. The shade selection is basically all over the board and if you are into fuss free makeup this is a wonderful option. I know so many women who want something that requires zero to low maintenance and does the job.

If you are interested in the brand or looking at the colors they offer please contact Jen Owens! She has fast and wonderful customer Service and is a pleasure to talk to.

Prefer Facebook? She has one! Jen’s Lasting Lipstick

Prefer email?

Prefer websites to order on your own?

And if you mention to her that Rochelle from the Instagram @beauty_and_rochelle sent you she will give you 10% off your order!

Pixi Beauty collabs with Bloggers and It’s Marvelous!

This year Pixi Beauty launched some exciting New Products called  Pixi +Pretties. The line includes collaborations with 4 Top Industry Bloggers. The Bloggers include Maryam Maquillage, Caroline Hirons, Aspen Ovard and It’s Judy Time. Each blogger had their hands in creating their perfect products and each piece is a self reflection of the blogger.

I was lucky enough to receive the entire line to test out and that’s what I did!! I will break down each collaboration separately and I’m starting with Aspyn Ovard first!

Aspyn Ovard is a Lifestyle Vlogger & Blogger  and she has 1.9 Million followers just on Instagram along with a You Tube Channel and Blog. Her collection to me is a great reflection of her travels and represents her perfectly.


In Aspyn’s Collection you can choose from 3 different Glow-Y Powders and an Eye Accents Duo. The shades of her Glow-Y powders are from top to bottom: Santorini Sunset, Rome Rose and London Lustre. Each retail for $16 each are each a very soft and subtle highlight. The Packaging reminds me of Colourpop but bigger in size and the texture is so creamy and smooth. Everything is balanced perfectly with these that you get a very natural look rather than a blinding highlight.

The Eye Accents Duo also retails for $16 and includes a Lower Lash Mascara which is water resistant and a clear Brow Tamer. I am obsessed with the lower Lash Mascara. In fact I bought another one already to share with my insta fam here really soon. It gets the lower lashes so easily and doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. The Brow gel is a nice size and works good. I wouldn’t go to heavy with it because you can feel it when you try to move your brows. They almost feel like they are going to crack so go sparingly. Not quite as good as my beloved ABH but a much nicer price tag so I’ll take it!

Next up is the Maryam Maquillage Collab!


Maryam is known as a Public Figure with a You Tube Channel full of great Makeup Tutorials, Blogs, skincare tips, hair tutorials and more. She has 985k followers on her Instagram plus a blog! Her collection is all about the Contour and includes everything you need to stay on top of this makeup trend.

She has 2 different palettes. A Strobe & Bronze Palette and a Strobe & Sculpt Palette. Both retail for $20 and each include 6 giant pans! The Strobe & Bronze palette shown on top is a Glow & Bronze palette full of highlighter and bronzers. You get 3 of each and this one is very flattering for most skin tones. The Strobe & Sculpt palette is the Highlight & Contour Palette. This includes 3 Highlight and 3 Contour shades to define that face. Unfortunately in my case the contour shades were to dark for my skin tone so I was only able to test out the highlighters. I prefer a subtle look to my contour and am pretty fair skinned so these were a bit much for me.

The product itself is incredibly easy to blend and the quality and quantity in these palettes is worth it. I almost forgot to mention she has a brush!! It’s a Strobe & Sculpt brush and it retails for $14. This baby is soooooo soft and perfect for sculpting. It holds the pigment in place and blends like a dream. It has a tapered brush on one side for highlighters and a flat edge brush for buffing and blending. If anything you want this brush!


You can’t have good makeup without good skincare right? Next is the Caroline Hirons collab.  Caroline is a Beauty blogger with 131k followers on Instagram and also has a large following on her You Tube and blog. She is bringing us the Double Cleanse Jar which includes both a Solid Cleansing Oil to remove makeup and a Cleansing Cream to cleanse your face. this retails for $24 and is a gigantic jar! I am ready for them to collab more of a skincare line because this is amazing. It removes makeup like a breeze, including waterproof mascara and doesn’t take much. Then I follow it with the cleanser to get all the dirt and yuck out of my pores. I continue with my normal regimen and my skin feels amazing.

I haven’t had any skin irritations, acne or anything other issues with the product. There isn’t really any fragrance to it so if you are sensitive to that I don’t think you will have an issue with this.

And to finish these amazing collabs off is the It’s Judy Time collab!


Judy Travis is an everything blogger, mommy blogger, beauty blogger, lifestyle you name it. She has 891k followers on Instagram, a You Tube channel and more. Judy has 2 different palettes available. It’s Lip Time and It’s Eye Time. Both retail for $24 and each include 12 unique shades to customize your look. You have endless options with both of these palettes and you can be like me and go strictly neutral or go bold.

The shades are so beautiful, pigmented and easy to apply and blend. The pan sizes on both of these palettes are huge so if you are looking for a one stop palette for lips or eyes these are great to add to your collection.

If you are interested in these collections they are available at and at Target.





Review: Becca Cosmetics New Releases

When it comes to any New releases for face makeup I do tend to be very hesitant. Once I hit my 30’s my skin decided it wanted to get really oily and really dry all at the same time. Typical right? Like dark circles aren’t bad enough.  I have spent so much time and money looking for the perfect primer, foundation, setting powder and anything else that will work well with my skin. When I got an email stating I was in the @influenster Becca VoxBox and would get a chance to try their new First Light Priming Filter and Soft Light Blurring Powder for Free I was so exited!

Now I should tell you that I had already purchased the Becca Backlight Priming Filter in the past and it did not like me so I was very anxious to see how this Firstlight Priming Filter would compare.


My overall first impression of the products was awe. I have to give it to Becca, they have the most beautiful packaging and sleek looking products. The size of the products themselves was very impressive to me as well. They are big! Maybe not the product you get inside but the actual packaging itself.

First Light Filter Face Primer retails for $38 and is 1 oz. The product itself is sturdy, gorgeous and in a similar bottle to any high end pump foundation. Looks gorgeous on your vanity and has a lovely lavender shade to it.

Soft Light Blurring Setting Powder retails for $38 and is .35 oz or 10 g. The packaging on this is just stunning but can seem pricey compared to the  Laura Mercier travel size setting powder which retails for $23 and contains .33 oz or 9 g.

This box also included a Becca soft kabuki brush which retails for $30 and I have to say this is a soft and I mean crazy soft brush. The handle is long and has some muscle to it as far as size goes.

So with all of that out of the way what did I think of these products you ask? I know you are hanging off of the edge of your seat for this.


Lets start with the Primer. Becca I’m sorry but our relationship at the base has some issues. Similar to the Backlight Primer this one just didn’t like me. It has a slight perfume scent to it and for about the first 2 hours I looked beautiful. My skin was glowing, even and looked alive. By hour 3 everything starting sinking into my pores and the cake was beginning to bake. By mid day my foundation was melting off of my face. I gave it a couple more tries but we just couldn’t work out our problems. I can’t say if it evens out skin tone or blurs perfections because I couldn’t tell due to technical difficulties.

If you have oily or combo skin I would recommend trying to get a sample before purchasing this one. If you have dry skin then this might be an amazing primer for you. If you have sensitive skin the fragrance could be an issue for you so again I might recommend a sample first.

I’ll talk about the Soft Kabuki Brush and the soft Light Blurring Setting Powder as a power couple because I truly believe they are. They were made for each other and work well together. The brush fits in the container perfectly but can pick up a lot of product so I have to make sure to tap off all the excess. The brush provides a very even soft look with the powder.

The powder is actually pretty good with my combo skin. It doesn’t set in my pores and does a good job keeping my oil at bay. It gives a nice glow but you will have to blot or reapply through the day. It’s not good for baking or using a ton to set your foundation or concealer. I learned quick that it will cake up on you.  It is better to just be swept over the face as a finishing touch. I still have to set with my favorite powders in certain areas such as under my eyes but I can apply this directly over my foundation to my forehead and cheeks and have a even look.

Would I spend $38 on it again? That’s a tough call. I do like the end results but I do also prefer more of a matte finish that I can add glow to on my own. This does have a hint of color to it as well and on very light skin it might look a bit orange. It’s not translucent which I prefer and for the price or even cheaper I have tried other powders that would have a higher rating for me.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to try these and hopefully I helped that one person out there who might be looking for an honest review!


Per-fekt beauty is a must try!

First let me start by saying Thank you so much to Per-fekt Beauty for sending so many wonderful beauty items to test out!!

All the opinions you read are completely my own and I’m thinking to myself… “How is this brand not everywhere?!” The variety of products they offer range from Mascara and other makeup staples to skin bronzers and Illuminating creams. You can purchase them directly through and at Sephora or Ulta here in the states.

My interest in the brand started when I won their Lash Perfection Gel in the color Blu in a giveaway on Instagram. No that’s not a typo it is spelled Blu! I am so obsessed with colored mascara that I wore it everyday. The color of blue is so subtle and I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. My lashes were longer, thicker and more vibrant yet I felt no weight on my lashes at all. They were clump free, didn’t run and looked shiny instead of caked on with mascara. I immediately knew I had to try more! s.jpg

I was lucky enough to test out some more wonderful products and I can’t understand why they aren’t all over our Instagram feeds and blog posts.


So that Mascara I told you about sounds pretty good right? What if I told you they make another one just as good but with one more bonus? The Per-fekt  Liquid Lash Curler. This retails for $28.50 and has all of the same wonderful perks of the Lash Perfection Gel except a built in curler! IN THE MASCARA! This mascara has 10 benefits to it:

Lift, Curl, Prime, Build, Sculpt, Define, lengthen, Volumize, Condition and Strengthen. And once again it feels like you are wearing nothing. I put this on and instantly saw length and curl to my lashes. They looked amazing! What I love about it is I can build the look I want with each coat. This is only available in the color black and I had so many compliments on how bright my eyes looked. The best part I do not need to use an eyelash curler!

Both of these mascaras are wonderful if you are like me and have sensitive eyes. They wash off easily and do not burn or irritate my eyes in any way. They are also Vegan and Cruelty Free.


So now that you are ready to shop for some new mascara lets talk about some other products they sent me!

The Body Perfection Gel Matte Tan is a really cool product. This retails for $48 and is a skin smoothing bronzer for your entire body. almost like a self tanner except you can wash it off at the end of the day and you don’t look yellow. I must say this time of year was perfect to test this out because my skin hasn’t seen the sun in a few months so I’m in desperate need of a tan.


The product itself is very thick but you don’t need a whole lot. It feels more like a body butter and rubs in easily and evenly. It is Matte which already is a bonus and is easy to build for your desired color. I am actually terrified of self tanners because I am the girl with the streaks and uneven looking knees and elbows.. you know what I’m talking about. That being said I tested it on my legs first since I knew would be wearing jeans. Another bonus is that it also didn’t transfer onto my clothes.

It was so even looking and actually hydrated my dry spots. It recommends to not use a moisturizer or lotion before application so I did not. It kept my skin moisturized and soft throughout the day and I didn’t notice that I had skipped the normal routine of my much loved Curel. I cannot wait until that time in Spring when it’s time to uncover those legs and not have to blind the world with my Winter vampire skin!


Lastly I love Gold. Everything dipped in gold with a side of gold for me please. So the Liquid Gold said “Try Me” all over it. This retails for $28.50 and is advertised as all over body glotion. I love the word glotion! You can use this on your face, hair or all over your body for some extra bam in your day and blur imperfections while you are at it. Simply add it to your foundation, bb cream, hair styling product or lotion. I just went for it and rubbed it all over my arms and chest. When the light hits the sparkles in the cream you just shine.

It’s thick enough you can use it as a liquid highlighter if you wanted to but I’m enjoying the all over body look. It’s like when you walk into a room and people say you have a glow to you… Now you do! It’s not tinting on the skin and isn’t over the top it just kicks your game up a notch.

Overall I think this is a brand that should be talked about more because the products they have are amazing. I will definitely be purchasing more from them and I will have a hard time ever using a different mascara.

Have you tried this brand and what do you think?

Review: Practk Palmat – Dirty Brushes are a thing of the past


Let me introduce you to my new BFF the Palmat 2 in 1 Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat. This Tool is created by the same founders of Sigma Beauty and brushes so instantly I knew I had to have it. It retails for $9.95 and is sold by Practk. It has the best qualities of the Sigma Cleaning mat and Spa glove in my opinion but retails for over half the cost with the same great qualities in a toddler version!

This little guy fits perfectly in the palm of your hand whether you are left or right handed and has different textures on each side so you can really get those brushes clean. It’s the perfect size for traveling so you will never have dirty brushes on a deserted island!

So you prefer mats you say? Well this also has suction cups on both sides to stick to your sink and give you a hands free option. The suction cups are kind of small so I did notice that my mat moved around a little bit as I was cleaning,  however in the mats defense my sink is vintage (and not in the good way) so I can’t totally say if the suction cups were the problem.

I really like it in my palm and it made cleaning so easy! It also has adjustable straps to fit your hand which is nice!  As you can see from my pictures it builds up a pretty good lather and isn’t to small for your face brushes. I used an ELF blush brush for an example to show the size of the mat.

These mats are made out of high grade silicone with a 2 year warranty and if you are interested in one of these the website is

Overall I think for the price and how effective it is along with it’s perks this is an awesome find! I did receive this complimentary from the company to test out and I am a true believer! All opinions are my own!


2017 Wet N Wild is already Queen!

Luckily my New Year’s Resolution wasn’t a NO Buy or I would be crying trying to resist all of the New Releases Wet N Wild is already throwing at us. 2016 was an incredible year for them in my opinion and I picked up every item from every season I could get. Once they started selling it online towards the end of the year it took the hunt away ( I should I add I kind of like the hunt) and it gave everyone access to it all.  With free shipping at $35 in the US you can make a nice haul out of it if you want!

I like the struggle on the streets so I have yet to jump online to order anything. I can’t say I can hold out forever though because the problem with that is I can’t get my greedy hands on it all because the displays are only 2 slots per item! So here is what I have gotten so far:


Normally people save the best for last but I’m pushing it to the front of the line. If Wet N Wild keeps this formula forever I might never buy another liquid lipstick again. This Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick is priced at $4.99 and in my personal opinion (yes it’s just my opinion) it’s the best Matte Lipstick I have ever used. Here is why! Cue the bulletpoint below

*Pigmentation is incredible

*Cheap as hell!

*13 shades to choose from

*Ridiculously comfortable. Like you don’t realize it’s on at all

*TRANSFER PROOF!! This is huge for me because I get so cranky when my $28 lipstick gets all over the place.

*Did I say comfortable? Its so comfortable it doesn’t dry your lips out at all. Normally I carry lipgloss, chapstick, lip balm and a gallon of water to keep my lips hydrated with a Matte lipstick and this requires none of it.

*Lasts for hours without a touch up. I went 9 hours with Give Me Mocha the other day without one touch up. It looked like I had just applied it after both lunch and dinner so kudos to these!!

Next goal is to complete the collection by finding the rest of the shades before I have to order them online. The struggle here is a real thing.


So this collection is super cute right? This is the Mega Cushion line and This collection is available only at Walgreens I understand but if I’m wrong please comment below! I have also read other blogs that Walmart should be releasing some Cushion Color Collectors in this same line so I’m keeping my eyes open.


Both the Cushion Highlighter and Contour retail for $5.99 and I really like these. The Highlighter is called Who’s that pearl (Madonna forever stuck in my head) and is a pretty opaque pink. It brings some major bling to the face and is very similar to Girl meets Pearl from Benefit. Not quite dupe status but very close. This is thinner and just a tad lighter. The Contour is called Cafe Au Slay! It’s almost to dark for me so I applied very lightly with an oval brush and built it up as I blended to get my desired shade. When I first tried it I just dipped right in and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. Burnt toast looked more natural that I did.

I still prefer a Matte powder bronzer but if you like cream bronzers or liquid bronzers this might be a fun one to try. I do however love liquid highlighters and if you do as well this is a great addition!


Shall we say I saved the worst for last?? I don’t even want to write it because I hate having anything bad to say about these. The packaging is so stinking cute and the colors themselves are gorgeous…..however….. once again in MY opinion these lack in so many categories. The product itself is very thick and hard to get out of the tube but once you apply it on your lips it turns into more of a stain. I have tried to layer it up to see if it has more of a lipstick look to it but it just dries my lips out the more I use. The shades here are Bubblegum in Paradise, Melon it like it is and Doll so hard and These retail for $4.99. Now the actual color is gorgeous!! Make these a catsuit and I’m in!! Now maybe I’m a dummy and Cushion Lip Creams are more like a stain? Ive never tried a cushion matte before so that’s possible.

So lets get down and dirty. These have no staying power. Plan to re apply throughout the day because they wear off easily. Carry an arsenal of vaseline for your lips because if you have any dry spots these will stick to them like glue. If you like the look of a full lip with lipstick these are not for you.

On a positive note these are inexpensive and the shades truly are stunning. If you like a subtle look on the lips with a touch of color than these might be for you. If Mattes don’t bother you by sucking every ounce of hydration from your lips as they do for me than you might have a much better experience with these.

I can’t wait to see what else they have coming for us in 2017!

Favorite Beauty Picks for 2016

I had such a fun tag on my Instagram page to pick my personal favorites of the year 2016 from pre selected categories. I had such a fun time doing it on there that I decided to share it through my blog!! I have selected items from all different ranges of price and will break that all down for you here!

The Categories included the following:

Foundation, Liquid Lipstick, Blush, Primer, Face Mask, Brow Product, Bronzer, Eyeliner, Moisturizer, Concealer, Perfume, Nail Polish, Mascara Lipstick/Lipgloss and Highlighter.

Picking some favorites was easy and some not so much! Here are my choices:

Foundation – Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation. This retails at Sephora for $43 and I have loved every pump of it. I have Combo Skin and matched with my perfect primer it controls my oil as well and giving me a flawless look to my skin.

Liquid Lipstick- The Balm Meet Matt Hughes. This retails for $17 directly through The Balm’s website or can be found here in the states at Kohl’s as well as a few online retailers. This is a comfortable true matte formula that has a long lasting color and gorgeous variety of shades. Plus the packaging is my favorite EVER!

Blush- NYX Ombre blush. You can pick this up at most drugstores for $10 and most of the time Ulta and CVS offer great BOGO offers on it! these range in so many shades from very nude and neutral to very bright and bold. Not only is the blush itself so beautiful to look at but it is so silky and looks stunning!!

Primer- I actually have 2. My Face Primer goes to Stila One Step Correct. This retails for $36 and can be found at most big retailers. It works wonders!! Gives my skin an even flawless by covering imperfections, brightening and masking my pores. It also does a great job at holding my oily skin at bay. This is hands down the Holy Grail of all primers for me!!

Primer Part 2 – Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer. This retails for $29 and can be found at most retailers. I love this mostly because I live in the desert and it contains SPF 20. It keeps your eyeshadow looking fresh and a little goes a long way so you feel like you get your moneys worth.

Face Mask- Of course without fail it goes to Nugg Beauty!! These pods are little miracle workers!! Nugg is so amazing they have sets built to target your skin type. You can purchase these individually for $3.29 or in sets for various prices depending on the size. I can get 2 masks out of 1 pod so with the recommended application of twice a week I am able to stretch them a little further. These are available at or Target.

Brow Product- Makeup Revolution Focus & fix Eyebrow shaping kit in Medium/Dark. This retails for $6 at Ulta here in the states and it’s become my staple! I use a pencil to draw and fill in my gaps. Let’s be real here for a second. In my late teens and 20’s it was so popular to over pluck and try to get that Angelina arch. If you are guilty and nodding your head then you understand me. So now that brows are back with a bang I am lacking in the eyebrow hair department. I dip my brush in the wax then powder and it fills my brows with such a natural look and doesn’t sweat off or give my secret away. Lifesaver!!

Bronzer- This was a tough choice because I use a couple on a regular basis but I went with Benefit’s Hoola. This retails for $29 and is available at most retailers. I love this one because it is subtle, matte and gives a very natural tanned look. It’s so easy to contour with and blends like a dream!

Eyeliner- I have soooooooo many eyeliners. From dirt cheap to way over priced. What do I reach for the most? Essence Cosmetics Long Lasting pencils. These babies cost a whopping $2.29 and can run a tight race with my more expensive pencils. Very creamy, smudge proof, waterproof, pool proof, cry proof and I think that should cover it!

Moisturizer- Too Cool For School gets my vote here. The Egg Mellow Cream retails for $36 at Sephora and gives immediate results. It firms and tightens skin and I can honestly say I have noticed an improvement. I use it in the AM along with some other products of theirs and it’s just a cool line to check out. It smells so good! I thought eggs? Ummmmm no thanks. No eggy smell here I promise!

Concealer- Sephora Collection Bright future Gel Serum. this retails for $14 at Sephora and is a really good concealer. Not my “Oh My God I can’t live without it!” concealer but it gets the job done. It doesn’t crease or sit in those wrinkles I try so hard to hide. It blends great and has a good variety in shades.

Perfume/Fragrance- Philosophy Pure Grace. This varies in price depending on the size but a 2 oz bottle is $48 and is available at most retailers. My daughter’s name is Grace so I migrated towards it pretty fast. If you like to be the girl in the room that just smells fresh and clean this is your jam. A great go to for running errands and really good for the gym. I wear this to the gym and I swear by it!

Nailpolish- Sinful Colors all day long for me! The Kylie Collection was the best yet. These retailed for $2.99 and are being spotted on clearance now all over the states so if you see them definitely snag one or two or all! The color options are so unique and the formula is the best Sinful Colors has put out in my opinion. The Matte polishes are my favorite1

Mascara- Ok so this is a Limited Edition but the Wet N Wild Fall Collection colored mascaras have been on my lashes since they first launched the line. They retailed for $2.99 and might still be available on their direct site. Now if you are going on just looks these are for you. Bright colors and adds a nice length. If you are a swimmer, sweater or tend to cry a lot I would proceed with caution. They do come off very easily. You have been warned.

Lipstick/Lipgloss- Not sure why this was a double category but I can handle that. For Lipstick I chose Colourpop Lippie Stix. All of them. They are $5 at Colourpop’s website and have every shade you could imagine. It’s a long lasting and super comfortable Creamy formula. Lipgloss goes to Wet N Wild once again. Not the fancy Limited Editions this year but the OG Megaslicks. These are $1.99 and perfect for everyday wear and amazingly comfortable.

I guess they saved the best for last. Highlighter!! This was soooooo hard to pick. Guess who won? Wet n Wild again? That’s crazy!! the Megaglo Highlighting powder was like hunting Pokemon at first. You just couldn’t get it. I lucked out after stalking my local Kmart and got them off the bat. Now Wet N Wild has added them on their website so its become a staple for many people! this baby is $4.99 and has 2 different shades.

I hope you enjoyed my picks for 2016 and I would love to hear if you have tried any of these and what you favorites are!